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How to see Tv Channels Italian from abroad

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You may not be able to see the tv channels you want, especially if you connect from a state different from that of the web tv, this happens because some broadcasters have set up geographical restrictions that do not allow the vision from some states.


VPN solution

If you have experienced this problem the solution is to bypass this drawback is to use a VPN.


What is a VPN

A VPN is simply a node that is interposed between the computer and the server.
This allows you to hide the identity and some information specific to the device requesting the connection.
In the specific case, a VPN allows you to hide the geographic location with an IP that dates back to another country.

If you want to connect to the Tv channels Italian you will need to set up a VPN in Italy

There are several software and VPN services, both free and paid. Type VPN in the google search.



How to watch live streaming Tv with a VPN


1) Install a VPN

There are a lot of network, free of charge, you just have to choose what is best for you.


2) Choose a location

Open the VPN and set the location in which is available your favorite program. For example: you want to see Rai? set in Italy.


3) Use the Internet normally

Once activated, the VPN-'ll look connected from a different place (that is, the one you have chosen) now you can connect as you do normally with your Browser (Chrome, Firefox or whatever you use) to www.miotv.it or even an App to miotv and see your favorite channels.


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Watch live streaming tv using a VPN

There are several hundreds of channels both Italian and in the World.

In the category Italian TV you will find the majority of the traditional channels, here some example:
TV channels Italian:
Rai1, Rai2, Rai3, Rete4, Canale 5, Italia 1, La 7, Tv8, La9, D-Max, Focus, Iris, Real Time, Sky, Mediaset Extra, Italia 2, Marco Polo, Rai Storia, Rai Movie, Rai Premium, The 5, Paramaunt, The 20, Rai 4, Alpha, Spike, Yellow, Top Crime, Motor Trend,...and many others.

Channels News:
Rai News24, Sky Tg24, TgCom24, Tg5, Tg3, Tg2, Weather.it Tgla7, the Senate, Tomorrow, Euronews, la Repubblica, corriere Tv, Tg Norba, Il sole 24 ore, Ansa, Cnbc, stock Ticker ..etc

Channels Sports:

Rai Sport 1, Rai Sport +, Sky Sports, 7 Gold, Sportitalia , Sportitalia Football, Sportitalia Engines, Super Tennis, Corrieree Sport, Rtv San Marino, official Journal of the TV, Amsa, All Sport, Motor Trend, Cittaceleste, Sport Mediaset ...etc.

Music Channels:

R101, RTL 102.5, Radio 105, RDS , Radio Capital, DEE JAY, Radio Italia tv, Virgin Radio, Radio Arrow, MTV, Mtv Dance, Radio Noise, Roxi Bar, Tv, Radio M20 tv, Company radio, Dance channel tv, Radio Ibiza ontv ...etc

Children's channels:
Rai Gulp, Rai Yoyo. Boomerang, Mr Bean, Ke, Super Tv, Cartonito, Boing, Cartoonnetwork, Freesbe ..etc

Religious Channels:

Cvt Vatican, Tele Padre Pio , Tv2000, Telepace...etc


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